This page is not made to disrespect Jennifer in any way, because after all, Jennifer was going to be one of Paul's family members had she not been taken from us in such a vicious and evil manner. 

This page is made so that everyone knows that the vicious lies told about Paul were nothing but that, LIES. They were spread around by Jennifer, the bitter women of Domestic Violence Next Door Solution, and Chuck Gillingham.

Jennifer lived a dangerous lifestyle that may have ended her life.

Jennifer dated married men who were very rich, very powerful, and sometimes single neighbors who were very lonely. She accepted gifts and real estate deals from them. 

Jennifer received threats from women who asked her to stay away from their men, or threatened to tell other men's wives.

  Jennifer made deals with men who had long rap sheets, and who spent time in federal prison, men who had a history of domestic violence, owned a chop shop, and were rich and powerful. Those deals were struck in a moment of anger
 by Jen, but when things went back to normal in her relationship with Paul Zumot, she changed her minds on those individuals, and filed complaints against them.

Sometimes, Jen's men harassed her, and sometimes they threatened to pull the rug from under her feet sending her back to where she started, miserable and unable to get a sale. Sometimes, those men were so desperate for her love, that they promised her the moon if she stayed with them. Many other times those men stalked her, and harassed her, and when she broke up with them they sought psychiatrist help and were on medications. And some, mentioned suicide even (see Habeeb's emails below)

Jennifer always lied to get herself out of trouble, but in reality
 she went with those lies in too deep. 

Jennifer took Police complaints and filing restraining orders very lightly.
 Jennifer had no respect for law enforcement or our
 justice system. She made light of their role to serve and protect,
 and used police and the court system for revenge, and for sick games.

(everything written here is supported by hard evidence taken directly from Jennifer's communications, and admitted as evidence in court, 
 making all the information public records. If we chose to conceal the identity of some of those men, 
it is to protect marriages and children, and to avoid wrecking families.
 The information on this page is included to show that Paul was wrongly accused of a crime and was himself a victim of 
the newly enacted California Evidence Code Section 1390 that allows hearsay into testimonies during trial.)

Jake was right.  All Jen wanted was to be rich and fit in although her fast fortune was not made by her hard work, and was not built from the bottom up.
Jennifer playing with Paul's nephews and nieces
While seeing Chuck Ostella at the same time.
Raj took Jen sailing.
In Las Vegas dancing with Raj on a trip EA paid for also.

PAPD Jared Monroe asks her to call paul and have him either repeat the threat or admit that he had threaten her earlier.  Jennifer calls Paul but of course Paul did not know what she was talking about and told her, "I never hurt you and never will and you know that Jen.  Why are you saying such thing?"  The pretext call produced no value for Jared Monroe.  However, somehow someone lied and an emergency restraining order against Paul was issued, and the CD got destroyed "by mistake" by Jared.

Later, when Jennifer went back to Paul she claimed that she did not want to take that restraining order, but Jared, "who wanted to get in her pants" convinced her to do that.

650-319-5044 is Jennifer's Number
650-575-2872 is Paul's number

Received from 6505752872 are Paul's messages 

Sent        to  6505752872 are Jen's messages to                     Paul.
Jennifer brings help and steals Paul's clothes and everything in the house, and does not even leave him towels in the bathroom.


Jacob Allen.

Jennifer dropped out of high school and later moved in with Jake.

Jake and Jennifer changed their names to:

Jennifer Allen Schipsi 
Jacob Schipsi - See case from SCC court records:

Jennifer continued to have a relationship with Jake, both financially and sexually during her relationship with other men.  Paul walked in on Jake and Jennifer in Santana Row having sex in bed (Jake wasn't helping her to "sleep" because of anxiety as he claimed in court.) Neighbors said men were always in and out of Jen's apartment. Jake admitted to have went to Jen's apartment over 200 times in the course of her relationship with Paul.

Jake told police, and said on the stand that Jennifer had dumped him for the life of the rich and famous, and that he, as a mechanic, was not good enough for her.


Habeeb (real identity masked).  Age 57.

Jennifer met Habeeb while still with Jake.  She started dating him, and receiving gifts and real estate sale deals in the hundreds of thousands.

Habeeb is said to be a generous man doing charity. He took Jennifer with him to those charity events.

Habeeb bought Jennifer expensive gifts and helped her get her expensive cars.  He sent Jennifer and her family on a cruise to mexico and a trip to Vegas where he introduced her to Gov. Schwatzinegger.

This video, and the emails speak for what had happened.

Age 55

G was the CEO of the company where Jennifer worked in 2007 and 2008.  G sent Jennifer text messages that were sexual in nature.  Jennifer was dating Paul at that time, and chose to dump Paul for G prompting Paul to spit on her.
One of G's employees, and a co-worker of Jen (Sandra) sent her this text message:

"Stay away from my boyfriend, or I swear to God, I will tell G's wife you are f***ing him."

Dhiraj Marya AKA Raj

Jennifer accused Raj of breaking into her emails and forwarding them to Habeeb causing Habeeb to pull the rug from under her feet. 

This is a police report Jennifer filed against Raj accusing him of hitting her.

Although Jennifer had met Raj during the six month break up with Paul she kept a relationship going with him.

Paul took Jen to Las Vegas, but she decided to stay behind for the weekend partying with Raj
During August 2009 break up with Paul, Jennifer went back to Raj apologizing, and admitting to him that she lied to the police, and that her father dying of cancer was stressing her out.

Jennifer kept that relationship going until the time of her death.  Raj told the police he was in India at time of her death and would show the passport when he got back.  The results of that are unknown to us at this point.

George Baloyra

Jennifer met George on  Sometime in 2009 Jennifer and Paul were at her Santana Row apartment and she received a msg from George telling her that he was downstairs to see her.  Jennifer sent him a message telling him she would call the police if he did not stop harassing her.

Police did not interview George, but he attended parts of Paul's trial.

George is a chiropractor.

Rene D  Age 53

Rene is a realtor, broker, and owner of real estate company.

​Text messages of sexual nature from him were on Jen's phone. (more details will be posted soon).

Chuck Ostella
Age 49

Chuck was an ex-boyfriend of Jennifer's aunt and a family friend.  Chuck met Jennifer to discuss business and they fell in love right away. (she was dating Paul at the time).

Jennifer moved out of Paul's and said she was going to stay with her grand mother, but moved in with Ostella in his 2 million dollar home. (click on picture)

Jennifer later left Ostella and went back to Paul.  Chuck told police that he kept calling and texting Jen but she ignored him.  Then they later met, and she told him she moved in two fast.  

Chuck sent his friend to Paul's hookah shop and the friend saw Jen there, and told Chuck.

Chuck told police he sought psychiatrist help and went on psychiatric meds after that.  

Chuck could not account for his whereabouts on the 14th and 15th of October, and the defense does not know if PAPD ever followed up.

However, Chuck's white truck was impounded by the Palo Alto police, but results were never shared with the defense.

On the night before her death, Jennifer said she was followed by a white truck when she walked home at 11 pm at night.

Chuck put his 2 million dollar home on sale 2 weeks after the police interview.
Bobby Dunn

​                              Bobby Dunn and Jennifer 
                              dated on and off until 
                              sometime in the end of 
                              September 2009 while she was
                              supposedly dating Paul.  

When Jennifer and Paul broke up sometime on August 23rd, Jennifer went back and started a relationship with Bobby who lived in Vegas.

Jennifer was planning on spending Christmas 2009 with Dunn in Vegas.


Nishil Petal AKA Nishi Pooh.

Jennifer met Nishil on the cruise Habeeb sent her and her family on to Mexico sometime in September of 2008. 

Jen cheated on Raj and Habeeb with Nishil.

Sameer A.

Sameer is a doctor, and is in a dating relationship with Jennifer's best friend Roy Endeman.

Jennifer tried to ensnare Sameer, just like she tried with others including Paul's friends, Mike A, and others.

Jen's Men.
Jennifer's Mental Instability
First of all, we would like to make it clear that Jennifer's anxiety was not caused by Paul as the DA claimed during trial.  According to Jennifer's mother and best friend Roy, Jennifer was on anxiety medication, and was seeing a psychiatrist in San Jose way before she met Paul.  Jennifer was on psychiatric medications for frequent anxiety attacks that left her lonely and depressed, locking herself up not seeing or speaking to anyone, at times for hours, and sometimes for days, as per Roy.
Jennifer's behavior was odd.  She went from happy and excited, to sad and depressed within seconds (see text messages below)
Jennifer was not the successful realtor as claimed.
You can see from above emails how rich men gave her
real estate deals, and other gifts.  Those men wanted one thing from Jennifer, and when she no longer wanted to do that, they yanked
those gifts and deals away throwing her into despair (look at emails above).  Jennifer wanted to be successful on her own, but the market
crashed, and those men threw her to the curb.
Towards the last days of her life, Jennifer grew very depressed and very angry.  Jennifer's financial troubles were haunting her.
She applied for hooters.  Jake and the DA claimed Jennifer
was in need of money, but Roy and the DA also claimed she wouldn't part with her phone since she was accomplished realtor.  Some people think applying for hooters 
is a way to attract rich old men, but no one knows the real intent.
Jennifer and Paul
Jennifer and Paul met in October of 2007.  Jennifer had broken up her engagement with Jake chasing her dreams of being rich as claimed by Jake.

After Jake, Jennifer started seeing older men and sleeping with them (for love, or for money we can't judge here).  Jennifer kept those relationships going while dating Paul.  Jennifer wanted to be Paul's girlfriend, but did not want to part with the older men.  Paul grew very tired of the games Jennifer was playing.  He told her he was sad she did not introduce him to her friends and family, and he was not happy with her receiving text messages very late at night, and in the early morning hours.  He was not happy either with her waking
up at 5 am making an effort to exercise with her boss, but never inviting him.

Paul confronted Jennifer about the relationship with the boss.  Jennifer told Paul she was picking the old married man over him, so he spat on her.  Paul regretted spitting on her, and tried to fix thing by asking her to forgive him and talk things out.  Jennifer went to the police and filed a restraining order against him for harassing text messages.  As a result, Paul had to do community service, and had to take domestic violence classes.

Paul and Jennifer broke up, and Paul went on with his life.  He focused on his business, and was planning to open more shops, and even move back to the middle east for a business venture with a friend there. In the meanwhile, Jennifer's relationship with multiple men caught up with her where she ended up filing a police report on one of the men (Raj), and dumped by Habeeb. 

Six months after the restraining order, Jennifer shows up at Paul's business frail, skinny, looking sick and depressed.  Jennifer asked Paul to take her back, and told him her ex-boyfriend, the psychopath, hit and bruised her and showed him pictures of her bruises. (see Raj police report above).  Jennifer sent Paul this email, and filed to removed the restraining order and change it into peaceful conduct claiming that Paul never harassed her, and that it was a neighbor who did that.  (read her words in her own handwriting)

Jennifer and Paul at SCC parking area, after court hearing to drop restraining order.
click on pic
After the restraining order was replaced by peaceful conduct, Jennifer and Paul started the dating relationship again.  Jennifer was at times very obsessed with Paul, and at times very abusive and aggressive.  Jennifer was very controlling, to the point that she dectated who he can be friends and who he should dump.  Jennifer hated Joe Martinez, Paul's ex-friend and partner, and went out of her ways to make sure they don't hang out.  Whenever Jennifer and Paul broke up, Jennifer called his friends or business partners to see if he was seeing other women.  Jennifer got angry at one time because Paul gave hugs to couple of girls who were friends and old customers.  She went upstairs and turned the music off killing the happy and cheerful atmosphere.  She turned it on when Paul kicked the two girls out as she asked, but she still walked home around midnight.

Jennifer and Paul broke up another time in March of 2009.  During that time, Jennifer started seeing Chuck Ostella (# 7).  However, before she moved in with him, she told him she didn't have clothes because Paul slashed them.
These are Jennifer's clothes in Paul's closet in San Jose.  Notice the round pink hat box (for those of us who know what was in it when the fire broke out.)
In court, Chuck and Jake claimed that Jennifer was so afraid of Paul during this time, that she was so frantic and rushing to get her things out of Paul's house when Paul as at work.  LIE
Jennifer was in a rush because she was STEALING Paul's belongings, and wanted to run before he came home.
click on pix
The great big LIE of  
August 23rd Break-up that led to Jen accusing Paul of death threats.
This is why Jennifer accused Paul of threatening to kill her, and the evidence that she was lying.  The evidence also supports that PAPD were well aware that Jennifer's accusations were baseless and still took the stand, testified, and ultimetly caused an innocent man to be convicted.
This is what Jennifer thought happened, because of the lies of Heather Marie Winters:
This is what really happened.
Paul goes home after work on August 23rd to find some of his pants and shirts thrown outside.  He picks them up and goes and sleeps at work.  

The next morning, Jennifer calls and texts Paul, but Paul decides he wants to ignore her.  She barges in at his work, kicks the door open and breaks it.  Paul calls 911, but Jennifer takes off before they get there.  PAPD officers go to the house, where Jennifer decides to make up a lie to get herself out of trouble, and get Paul in trouble.   She claims Paul called her phone and threatened her.  She said that his words were, "I'm going to f**ing kill you bitch.  You are f**ing dead."

The evidence I'm presenting here does not need any explanation.  

Look at what PAPD police wrote on the report, and what time Jennifer claimed the call came, then look at the phone number the blocked call came from.  The call Jennifer told PAPD came from Paul actually came from HER BEST FRIEND ROY'S phone and not Paul's.  In fact, on August 24th, there is not one single phone call from Paul's phone to Jennifer's phone, neither on his phone record, nor on hers, neither from his work phone, or from his cell phone.  Most of Jen's calls on the 24th were outgoing and not incoming. 
The Ghanma Brothers
In July, Paul and Jen went camping with two brothers owners of Fireside Caffe and Bay Area Fireplace.  One of the brothers, Tony kissed Jennifer on the mouth as they greeted.  Paul took offense at that and talked to Hash who got very angry and punched Paul.  Paul and Hash had a falling out after four year  friendship.  Paul became scared of the Ghanma's when his lawyer sent him the rap sheet of the brothers.  One of the brother's had spent time in a federal prison, and one was accused of having a chop shop . (case numbers, other legal documents and anything found in public records will be published soon)

Few minutes after police left the house, Jennifer taped a conversation with Hash, a sworn enemy of Paul, and trashed Paul, and accused him of abusing her.  She told Hash she would do anything for them, including testifying in court.  She denied to him that the kiss was on the mouth.  Hash sounded extremely angry at Paul, and told Jennifer that he had to pay a lot of money to lawyers to counter Paul's lawsuit against him. 

A week later, Paul and Jennifer get back together.  Jennifer went back on her promise to Hash, and started ignoring his calls.  Soon after, Paul and Jen started getting death threats from blocked numbers.  Jennifer told Paul the calls came from Hash.  Paul said the caller spoke in Arabic to him. PAPD did not follow up on those calls to see who made the death threat calls.

Two weeks after Jennifer went back, and less than a month before her death, she filed a declaration in court, claiming the "death threat" call did not come from Paul, but rather from Hash.

​Fearing for hers and Paul's life, Jennifer wrote,  she needed protection, and that things with the brothers went out of hand to the point that she feared Paul would be killed, or locked up for life by the brothers.

Jennifer's lies about her own father.  
We know Jennifer's dad was not dying, and did not have cancer at the time Jennifer taped these words, and he is still enjoying a good health, and hopefully for long time.  Jennifer also claimed her father was abusive and hit them when they were young.  The father was charged with battery and had to take 26 weeks of anger management (half the time Paul had to take for harassing texts), and was on probation for a year in one of those incidents.  The mother spent time in jail for felony police chase.  
Other lies of Jennifer from the same tape:

She claimed Paul called her fat and wouldn't let her wear a bikini.  This is email she sent him of a picture he took of her wearing a designer bikini he had purchased for her. The audio is of Jennifer telling Hash that she majored in psychology and that is how she figured out Paul's personality.  Jennifer was a high school drop out.  She did not have a GED even.  The tape is full of lies Jennifer made as she went.

Jennifer hacked Paul's email account, and emailed his contacts asking them to email her directly claiming to be Paul.  Jennifer installed spyware on Paul's iphone, she also sent messages to his contacts telling them to call her number, and that her number is Paul's new number so that she would know who communicates with him. 

After Jennifer's death, PAPD discovered that Jennifer had installed a tracking device on Paul's phone to track his every move. 

Jennifer installs spoof ware on her phone, and makes calls to Paul pretending to be someone else.  She goes very brazen with her sick tricks to the point to call pretending to be Palo Alto Police Dept., and San Jose Police Dept.  Paul's text messages show he was confused as to why police would call him, Jennifer coldly tell him not to answer because someone must be f***ing with him. (see October 7th @ 7:32 pm
These text messages clearly show that Paul was the abused one, the weak one, and the naive one in this relationship.  We don't have to explain that Paul's treatment of Jennifer was all respectful, while hers to him was rude and condescending.  One can also clearly see how Jennifer did not know what she wanted, and what made her happy.  It also shows how she can get very angry, then calms down and act as if nothing had happened.
Jennifer's behaviors maybe attributed to the young age of her mother when she had her, the mother was 16 and the father was 22.  It could also be attributed to being abused as a child as she had claimed all along.
The picture on Heather's facebook that got Jennifer thinking that Paul was cheating on her.
Shop packed and no room for an old friend.  Paul let her stay on the chair behind the counter.
Notice how he tells her that she walked away from $ 90K because she cheated on him.  

This is who put her on a pedestal then knocked her off that pedestal, not Paul.
Although an internationally renowned psychiatrist was called by the defense to testify in defense of Paul.  Judge Cena ruled against her saying anything about Jennifer's mental state.

Judge Cena also denied jurors from seeing Jennifer's psychiatric records.

Since this may be or may not be Jennifer's diagnosis by her psychiatric, we post this just for educational purposes. 
Paul answered a call from an ex-girlfriend on Christmas day, Jennifer took Paul's phone, snapped it in half, and threw a set of keys on his face.
Jennifer had multiple plastic surgeries, also before meeting Paul that included:

1- Breast augmentation.
2- Chin replacement.
3- Jaw surgery
4- Cheek lift.
5- eyebrow lift
6- liposuction
7- Juvederm 
8- lip injection .... to name a few.
11.  Jeff W. 49

       Real Estate Developer in Palo Alto      

More information will be added in the next few days.....
Jennifer's Contact List

The names on the list may not reflect the phone numbers or the email addresses. 

For Example, 

Krystal is Raj
Dad is Chuck Ostella
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