Chuck paid an expert whose experience was in sales to testify that Paul had Jennifer's phone based on cell tower locations. The defense subpoenaed AT&T head engineer for the bay area who testified that when the phone is turned off and a voice mail is left, the receiver's cell phone records show the location of the caller and not whoever received the voicemail.

The claim that Paul deleted the text messages from Jennifer's phone is idiotic at best since Paul is the one who told PAPD she sent him those nasty messages before they even got a hold of her phone.
       The night of the fire, Paul was stripped of his clothes and they were sealed.  PAPD brought their dog handler Johnson to have his accelerant sniffing dogs sniff Paul's clothing, cars, and place of business, as well as the cottage of course.  Rosie alerted to all the pieces picked up from the house.  She also alterted to Paul's sweater, Jeans, socks, and shoes. Rosie also altered to the mat on the passenger seat of the black Range that was in an undriveable condition and it had been sitting at the mechanics not moved for 3 days (see mileage on insurance claim - left) mileage reading taken by PAPD the night of the fire matched the insurance claim.

       At Paul's business, the night of the fire, Rosie alerted on a piece of luggage at the basement.  Johnson told Paul his dog has alerted to something in the bag and asked Paul to open it.  In the bag there was a bottle of cologne and nothing else.

         ATF Chromatography and mass spectrometry tests showed Paul's clothes negative  gasoline  and the black car indicated the presence of acetone (nail polish remover).
This is it ladies and gentlemen.  This is the "evidence" that put an innocent man behind bars for two crimes he did NOT commit.

What did Chuck have as evidence?
    Chuck claimed the foil on Paul's stove was formed in a way to explode the house.  Like millions of people, Paul and Jennifer had aluminum foil on their stoves to protect it from getting dirty.      

In Paul's case using the stove for hookah charcoal was a must to keep the charcoal residue from messing up the stove.
     Chuck also lied to the jurors and told them an empty cologne bottle was found outside the cottage which he claimed Paul had used to throw off the dogs after he set the fire. There was NO WHERE or NO ONE who testified that there was an empty cologne bottle outside the cottage.  An officer testified that she found an empty SAMPLE perfume on the porch.

    ATF chemist testified that Paul's clothing smelled like cologne. EVERYONE who knows Paul knows he wears cologne everyday, Vintage of John Vervatos is his favorite.
Susie Scholpp testified that around 6:20 pm (while Paul was five miles away according to the prosecution's own expert witness) she saw a dark SUV rushing by.  Since her pet peeve was speeding motorists, she staired down Paul signaling him to slow down, she testified. Scholpp came forward three months after the fire to tell PAPD that she had recognized Paul's face from that day of the fire and she was sure it was him although she saw him for a split second and in a black SUV while he drove a silver one on that day.

Scholpp also testified that she tried to make it through the road block but an "ORIENTAL" officer told her the road was blocked and prevented her from going to the neighborhood.  

Chuck told the juror's Paul did not try to call Jennifer during the day. 

But he did her mother and best friend.

Jennifer's mother, Jennifer's best friend Roy and Paul all told the police they called Jennifer multitude of times but her phone was turned off.

According to AT&T only voicemails get registered on the phone bill if the phone is turned off.  

Chuck chose to believe the mother and the friend but not the boyfriend.  Well, it is not up to him. They are either all lying or all telling the truth.  You can't pick and chose.
The DA office failed to make a rape kit or at least take a vaginal swab from the victim to test it.  What they took was a swab from her neck and back, but they never tested it.  

You also see in the picture above a remnant of a gas can.  It was collected from the burning bed, but that also was never dusted for finger prints , nor tested for DNA.  

PAPD supervisor Maloney testified that up until the day he took the stand several agents made 100s of failed attempts to link Paul to the gas can by searching 100s of gas stations and other stores.  

Paul's picture was taken to all those stores and his credit card transactions,  and bank accounts, were scrutnized for gas can purchases up to a year before the murder.

Testing  the above can for DNA or fingerprints would have helped don't you think Maloney?


How about a computer search Chuckie?
Since PAPD's officer Moore took the stand to testify that Jennifer told her that Paul was planning arson, and that he was obsessed with crime shows, and was planning the perfect crime, a claim that no one ever heard from Jennifer, but was written in a supplemental report two months after the alleged claim, and two weeks after the death of Jennifer, wouldn't have been a slam dunk for their empty claim if they found any of those on Paul's four computers and iphone?

- Arson searches.
- CSI searches.
- Perfect murder searches.
- How to commit a crime and get away    
   with it.

Hmmmmm, Maloney, Moore, Monroe, Sunseri,  got an answer for us?

In fact, when Moore was asked by the defense lawyer why after the death of the victim, she answered that Detective Sunseri asked her to do so because it will help him out.

​John Eckland, the owner of the house and cottage, purchased a second fire insurance for the cottage two weeks before the fire.  

When Paul purchased the silver range a week before the fire his car insurance agent offered him renters insurance for 6 dollars extra a month to be added to his car insurance bill. Paul consulted with Jennifer and they turned that insurance down.

Susie Schlopp

Officer Lee had testified that he arrived at the fire scene at 7:12 pm (according to his dashboard cam), and Paul arrived shortly after.  Officer Lee kept Paul with him for two hours at the road block preventing him from going to the house. 

Schlopp insisted she recognized Paul's face from seeing him for a split second speeding down her street and remembered that three months after the incident.  She first told the police that the speeding car was Navy SUV, then later said she wasn't paying attention to the car but she was sure it was Paul.

How could she have remembered a face that she saw for a second three months prior, but did not recognize that Paul was standing next to the "Oriental" cop for two hours?
What did Chuck miss, deliberately or non-deliberatly?
Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography 
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This 5 million dollar ATF machine cleared Paul, but alas, it didn't get the chance to test anybody else.
Not even a small scratch like this one was found on Paul's face or any part of his body.
Not one eye witness saw Paul going in or coming out, or even somewhere around the cottage at the time of the fire although two neighbors were chatting across the street, and the Landlord's guests coming in and out  and driving by the cottage around the time of the fire.
After her death, PAPD found that Jennifer had installed a tracking device on Paul's phone.  They flew the phone to one of the best iphone experts, in New Hampshire to extract deleted messages, yet forgot to ask him to find where Paul was at the time of the fire.  
Three weeks into the trial, and before the hearsay was allowed, Gillingham offered Paul a plea deal to drop the arson charge, and reduce 1st degree to second degree and to serve 15 years. Geragos said I know what my client would say, but I have to tell him anyway.  

Paul said he is innocent and will not accept a deal even for time served.
This is how much PAPD officers made putting together this laughable evidence against an innocent man
What did Adirenne Moore do to get 58K in 2010 in overtime money from PAPD police department budget?

How can a police officer like her make 184,000 dollars? Half the salary of the US President.  Has anyone questioned that?

She lied flat out on the stand, could she lied on the amount of overtime she actually invoiced for?  Who knows, but we know we probably all should apply to work for PAPD and skip college all together.
Chuck Gillingham insisted that Paul had Jennifer's phone using his expert witness who knew nothing about cell tower science but was a field representative to sell AT&T wireless phones.  The head Engineer of AT&T for the bay area testified that Paul did NOT have Jennifer's phone.

However, PAPD and the DA gave pictures of the cell phone to the defense not realizing they gave us one of the pictures that showed a man's large thumb print on the screen.  The print was dusted since you can see the black ink used to lift it off the phone. 

In court, the testifying officer said that they had to chose between dusting for finger prints or testing for DNA because when you test for DNA any fingerprint available would be erased.  

They could not find Paul's DNA, and the print identification card was never shared with the defense. Whose fingerprint was it?  It was a male's print for sure, and NOT Paul's.  Sunseri, care to share with us?
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