Paul Zumot is innocent of the Murder of Jennifer Schipsi.  Assistant District Attorney Charles (Chuck) Gillingham used untrue theorie(S) about how Jennifer was killed, and when she was killed.  PAPD and Gillingham did NOT investigate a murder case, they built a case around an easy target.
Chuck's Theories
Theory No. I

Paul disrespected Jennifer during the birthday party, and was angry that she texted a mutual male friend prompting Jennifer to become hysterical and walk home.

Paul goes home at 2 am, the argument turns into a big fight, and Paul kills Jennifer.

Paul thinks of how he will dispose of the body for 18 hours, then he comes up with a plan to burn the body in his house.

1-  Paul's friend who drove with him home told police that Jennifer told him that she was fine,     
     and that she was no longer angry. They didn't believe that.

2-  Paul told them that they made up, made out, and taped the love making on Paul's iphone.  
      They didn't believe that either.

3-  Paul told them when he woke up to go pick up some paperwork from PAPD at 11 am, Jennifer 
      asked him for a hug but he kept walking out the door.  She got angry and start texting him to 
      give her back the money he owed her otherwise she would go to Police.  They didn't believe 

4-  The neighbor who lives behind the cottage heard Jennifer's voice between 12:00 pm and 
      12:30 pm.  They ignored that evidence too.

5-  Paul told them he left the house around 12:45, went to the shop to count the money from 
      the night before, then went to PAPD again to pick up the paperwork since the first two times 
      there was no parking.  Paul was seen on the Store Camera and later on PAPD camera.

6- Police found clothes of Paul and Jennifer in the washer still wet and smelling like detergent 
     proving that Jennifer was up and doing the laundry after Paul left, and that she was 
     preparing for their trip to Palm Springs.

Paul was denied bail based on that argument, and on what Rosie the wonder dog sniffed.
Then the sex tape surfaces and Chuck goes to:
Theory No. II

Paul killed Jennifer at 4 am, after they had sex. During the 16 hours between her death and the fire, Paul was planning what to do with the corpse.

1- Paul told them when he woke up to go pick up some paperwork from PAPD at 11 am, Jennifer asked him for a hug, but he kept walking out the door.  She got angry and started texting him to give her back the money he owed her, otherwise she would go to the police.

2- ​The neighbor who lives behind the cottage heard Jennifer's voice between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm.  They ignored that evidence too.

3-  Paul told them he went to PAPD at 11 am, found no parking came back to the cottage, had breakfast, did some exercise, talked to Jen for ten to 15 minutes, then left the house at 12:45 and never came back.  They did not believe him either.

Paul gets denied yet another bail based on this theory.  However, this time Paul's claim of making out was proved right, Rosie's sniff was wrong.  Lab reports came back from ATF saying Paul's clothing were clear of Gasoline.   
Chuck did not care about the fact that Paul's clothing came back negative for the presence of Gasoline, 
and that the dog sniffed God knows what, but whatever it was it was not Gasoline, and proceeded trying to convict Paul and deny him bails anyway.
Now Chuck has recovered the text messages from Jennifer's phone, and they corroborated what Paul stated all along, that Jennifer was alive at 11 am too.  So he told them she was alive at 2:00 am, they did not believe him, at 4 am, at 11, am they ignored that. The neighbor told police and later testified that he was sure the woman's voice came from the cottage at 12:30 and they ignored that.  He told them she was alive when he left around 12:45, but they chose to keep ignoring facts because they wanted PAUL to be the killer and no one else.
Chuck proceeds to come up with yet another theory:
Theory No. III

Jennifer sends Paul nasty text messages and threatens him with the police if he does not pay her 10 thousand dollars so he kills her, goes on with his day, then comes back to later burn her body in his house.

1- Paul leaves the house around 12:45, Jennifer is alive, she told him she was going to 
     see her mother and Roy, then later she was going to work (although Jennifer had 
     been asbcent from work for the past month without Paul knowing.) 

2- Paul is seen on Camera shortly after 12:45 at his shop, and then at Palo Alto Police 
     department cameras around 1:00 pm.

3- Jennifer texts friends between 12:47 pm and 1:00 pm.

4- The landlord sees a suspicious individual in a white car facing the cottage shortly after 
     Paul leaves, around 1 pm.

     The man in the car was described by the landlord as cacausian man, and the man was 
     covering up his face with a magazine shielding it from the landlord.  As the landlord 
     left the driveway and passed the white car, the man inside proceeded to shield his face 
     by moving the magazine to cover the other side of his face as the landlord left the

​It did not matter to Chuck that Paul had an alibi, and that Jennifer was alive all that time when he was home, he just wanted a conviction AT ANY COST, and that led him to his fourth theory:

Theory No. IV

It does not matter when Jennifer died, and that Paul wasn't anywhere around, I will manipulate my words in front of the jury and make him the killer.

Chuck told the juror's in his closing argument, that although Jennifer sent a text message at 1 pm and Paul was seen on Camera about the same time at the PAPD, the camera could be 15 minutes off, and Paul still committed the crime.  So Paul gets denied showing the time he stepped into his shop and 7 minutes get stolen from his alibi, yet Gillingham offers himself 15 minutes to frame Paul and no one questions that? 
What was Paul doing, and what was his demeanor between Jennifer's assumed death time and the fire?
Paul went to San Jose for his DV class, and on the way stopped at a place to pick up items for the shop.  That owner of the place, who is also a distant cousin testified that Paul was acting normal, as he acted any other time he interacted with him.  

Paul was texting friends and business associates all throughout the day discussing business and weekend plans, including his plans to propose to Jennifer on the planned trip to Palm Springs that weekend.

Paul went back to the shop around 6:30 pm and the employees there also said he was acting like his normal self, nothing changed in his behaviour and demeanor.  The domestic violence class where Paul spent two hours, also said Paul was acting normal.  
The Fire
Just like Chuck ignored Paul's alibi during the day, and the fact that there was not even a single scratch on his body.  And just like he ignored that witnesses had said he was acting normal, and every other evidence that Paul had nothing to do with the murder, he also ignored that Paul was not connected to the fire that burned the cottage.

Paul's clothes had NO traces of gasoline.  His body hair was not singed from the fire ball the engulfed the room within seconds. 

Where did that gas can come from?  Who's finger prints, on it?  Who's DNA is on it?  We don't know because they never tested it.

The fire started when Paul was in the parking lot parking his car.  The neighbors testified that the fire happened sometime between 6:36 and 6:39.  Within these three minutes, two neighbors who lived across the street from the cottage were chatting when the fire happened, and stated that they never seen anybody run out, or Paul's car going in or out.

The surveillance camera from Paul's shop showed him in the shop sometime around 6:39, but Gillingham and Cena refused to allow Paul show the jurors which camera needed to be played to show that footage.

Paul was seen on the camera in front of the jury walking into the shop right after the fire engine with the two employees who were just inside, tagging behind him.  How long had Paul been inside anyway?  

How did they get out to begin with, if they were just seen on the other cameras inside the shop?

Both employees and Paul told the police that Paul was at the shop about ten minutes before the fire engine drove by.  However, Chuck concealed that from the jury.  He only showed the lounge and Paul entering after the lights of the fire engine were seen through the windows.


This means what the jury saw is what Paul and the two employees said.  They saw the three walking in from outside.  Paul split from them and went to the lounge to smoke.  That is the scene Gillingham decided to show the jurors and NOT the truth.

The timing just does not add up.  How can Paul set the fire, drive through 16 traffic lights and stop signs on a busy thursday evening, and find a parking in down town Palo Alto and enter his store in THREE minutes.

At the end of the day, Gillingham succeeded in securing a conviction that would look good on his resume.  

Paul is sitting in a 10 x 6 cell every single day, his family is devastated, his life is ruined.

​Jennifer's killer is still out, and probably laughing at all of us, including Chuck.

But according to Chuck's own words, the defense did not prove the defendant did not do it. Since when it was the defendant's job to prove he is innocent?

I guess Santa Clara County rules are different.  I guess the constitution of the USA does not matter.  I guess a private citizen's civil rights being violated is no big deal....

​To Chuck however, it is business as usual.....
.... and off he goes to teach junior assistant DA's his dirty tricks...
Put a stop to the mockery of the judicial system by the so called assistant DA Charles (Chuck) Gillingham, who brought his mommy to watch him butcher an innocent man  and make fun of his accent, and ruin his life and the life of his family.
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