Suspicious circumstances and a great motive $$$$
           On the day of the fire John Eckland, the landlord of the cottage who lives few yards away,  said he walked by the cottage around noon and noticed a shiny object at the cottage door step.  At 3:00 pm as he was walking back from checking the mail.  He wanted to give Jennifer a magazine he thought the couple would like.  He knocked and knocked, and he rang the bell but no one came to answer and  the cottage was quiet he said. He picked up the shiny object which was a tiffany zirconian bracelet and went back home. 
            At 6:25, Eckland testified, he drove out to pick up his father for one of the scheduled dinners that he and the previous tenant Ms. Soloman had together every Tuesday and Thursday.  At 6:25 Ms. Soloman drove by the cottage and said she saw nothing amiss.  However, she did not see Eckland until Mr. Bauman (the man who called 911 @ 6:39) knocked on the door; she testified.   At 6:35 Eckland and his father drove by and again there was no fire, or a car in the driveway or anything suspicious.

Mr. Beaumant testified that as he drove by and saw the fire, he stopped his car and asked two people standing by the car seen here and chatting about the house number to give it to the dispatcher.  He called 911 at 6:39 and the two people standing here said they didn't see anybody running out of the house or a car leaving the driveway.  So between 6:35 and 6:39 no one was seen running in or running out, and between 6:25 and 6:35 no cars in the driveway and nothing amiss.  

This is where Jennifer's car was parked.  To the right is the shed, to the left is the cottage.  Eckland testified that on the Sunday before the fire, and as he was taking the recycling to the bin seen here, he saw Jennifer and struck a conversation with her about a dent on her car, and that she told him she creamed it.  

Eckland testified that he didn't know that the BMW was a car Jennifer's and that he thought it was a third car the couple used.  

To the left of the grill is a small porch where Jennifer used to sit and smoke at night when Paul was at work.
To the left is the shed which Paul did not have access to, and to the right is Eckland's house.  Eckland testified that Paul had no access to the shed and that he was the only one with the key.  PAPD broke the lock, searched and took pictures of the shed and found no gasoline cans the night of the fire.  PAPD came back the next morning and Eckland had already replaced the broken lock with a new one.  

Eckland was asked if he kept a gasoline can for the lawn mower that was in the shed and he said he never did because he did not use the lawn mower. 

However, on the stand, Eckland testified that two months prior to the trial he was cleaning his shed where he usually keep his work tools and found a 5 gallon gasoline in it.  How did the police miss a FIVE GALLON gasoline can during the search of this small shed?  and why was the lock replaced in such a speedy manner?
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The cottage door and the mailbox next to it.  Why would anyone ring the bell and knock on the door "multitude" of times to deliver a junk magazine when the box is 10 inches from the door bell?
The cottage started to smell like propane two weeks after Jen and Paul move into the cottage.

Paul and Jen had complained of smell of propane in the cottage.  The gas company found a leak in the pipes.

Text recovered from Paul and Jen's phones:

10/5/09 @ 9:46 PM

Jen   : Still smells like propane.
Paul :  Take care of it please.

         The White Car

After Paul said that Jennifer had a stalker, Eckland remembered that he saw a white car with a driver who was caucasian parked right across from the cottage at around 1:30 pm the day of the fire. 

He said the man covered his face with a magazine, and as Eckland drove by him, he moved the magazine along to continue shielding his face.

PAPD never checked on the white car, or searched for the driver who Eckland claimed seeing behave oddly on that day.  They only drove by Paul's brother's house to see if there was a white car, and when they found that no one Paul knew had a white car they stopped looking.
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38,713 US Dollars in cash were in the cottage the day of the fire.  Who stole the cash, and who had a key to the cottage other than Paul and Jennifer?

A fire insurance was purchased by the the landlord two weeks before the fire, a new policy was added to the old one, so two overlapping fire insurances on the cottage only, and not on the main house.

A gas can was found in the shed, after the landlord had denied ever owning one.'

A cottage that constantly smelled like gas.

A bracelet of Jennifer was in his possession which he says found at the doorstep.  Jennifer does not use the main door, she only uses the back door. Besides, Paul had walked in and out of the house couple of times, why didn't Paul find the bracelet?  As a matter of fact, Paul never saw a bracelet on the floor, he would have picked it up if he did.