Palo Alto Police knew very well that Jennifer was lying when she accused Paul of threatening her since the blocked call came from her best friend Roy Endeman and not Paul.  It was her conspiracy to get Paul in trouble.
During the interrogation, detective Aaron Sunseri asked Paul if he was a Muslim.  Do we question people about their religion in a murder investigation in this country?  What does his religion, or anyone's religion have to do with anything? 
Jennifer's number: 6503195044       

Paul's number: 4086556944           1st column = Outgoing call  from                               that number                                              
2nd column = incoming call into that 

Notice the call at 12:50 pm did NOT come from Paul, but rather from her best friend Roy.  Jennifer lied and PAPD knew about it and still took the stand and testified that she was afraid for her life.  If that call was not a plan between her and Roy, then it was Roy who threatened her life and not Paul.
Not a single scratch on his body the day of the murder and fire.
         The White Car

After Paul said that Jennifer had a stalker, Eckland, the landlord,  remembered that he saw a white car Nissan or similar Ford with a driver who was caucasian parked right across from the cottage at around 1:10 pm the day of the fire. 

He said the man covered his face with a magazine, and as Eckland drove by him, the man moved the magazine along to continue shielding his face.

PAPD never followed up on the white car, or searched for the driver who Eckland claimed seeing behave oddly on that day.  They only drove by Paul's brother's house to see if there was a white car, and when they found that no one Paul knew had a white car they stopped looking.
Jennifer afraid the brothers want to lock Paul up for the rest of his life a week before her murder.
Three weeks into the trial, and before the hearsay was allowed, Gillingham offered Paul a plea deal to drop the arson charge, and reduce 1st degree to second degree and to serve 15 years. Geragos said I know what my client would say, but I have to tell him anyway.  

Paul said he is innocent and will not accept a deal even for time served.
Paul's friend and business partner offers to buy out the business and fly him out of the country after he learned Paul was interrogated by police.  Paul refused to leave on a private jet that night saying he is innocent and doesn't have anything to hide or be afraid of.  Judge Cena denies Paul mentioning that on the stand.
Judge Cena sided with Chuck and prevented the jurors from seeing the interrogation tape.  

Why?  What was Gillingham afraid of?
Paul's rights were violated when he asked to leave 3 times and was stopped by Aaron Sunseri  @ 3:30 and 4:08
What is really the "shitty part" of your job, Sunseri? Hold innocent people at the station by force?
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