The stalking neighbor who hated Paul and encouraged Jennifer to file unwarranted restraining order against him according to Jennifer's declaration. 

That declaration was also not allowed to be shown to the jurors.
The DA's Witnesses
The day Heather Marie Winters took the stand she posted this on her facebook account.

Remember Heather saying Jennifer told her Paul bruised her?  Why did she not bust out her camera and took a picture? Or could that be how Heather made PAPD her friends?
Heather testified that she saw Paul playing cards two days after Jen's death. LIAR. Everyone who was with Paul said he was too devastated and was crying constantly.  Paul closed down his business in Jen's memory.  

Why was Heather the only one in the world who saw Paul play cards?  Could it because Paul kicked her out of the hookah shop for creating all the mess and lying to Jen about Paul cheating on her with the lady behind the counter?
These are pictures of heather a week or ten days after the tragic death of her "big sister".
 Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez was a friend of Paul Zumot. Joe, a Monterrey County Sheriff Deputy, testified that Paul told him the first time after the fire that he went from his DV class directly to work. However, he testified that at 5 am the next morning, after Paul was just let go by police that Paul told him he stopped at the house where Jennifer was alive, and they talked for 10 to 15 minutes then he left to work.

Paul told everybody he was in and out of the cottage until around 12:45 pm where he went to the hookah shop and never went back home after that. Besides, logically, how can Paul stop at the cottage 10 to 15 mins and be at the shop at 6:40? The fire started only 2 to 3 mins before then.

The problem with Joe's testimony is that Paul never said that to Joe or to anybody since he never stopped at the house.

Joe got interviewed twice with the police. The first time, we don't know what exactly was said at the interview and we had to take the police's words for it; because again for some odd reason, PAPD failed to operate the recorder and the 5 hour interview is nowhere to be found. However, PAPD found out that Joe Martinez had accessed the National Criminal Information Center and illegally searched names of US citizens without a warrant for over 20 times.

Under regular circumstances, a police officer would be fired or at least reprimanded for illegal search and violation of civil rights of American citizens. In this case, however, Joe got to keep his job and got out of this violation of ethics and illegal search Scott free. 

The jurors said they believed Joe over Paul, leaving Paul wrongly accused of a crime. How did they decide the person is trusted when they knew nothing about him? Joe allegedly slept with a minor not caring that there were people watching on surveillance camera. First of all, Joe let a minor into a smoke shop in spite of Paul's opposition, and then he
 had sex with her while surveillance cameras were recording. The alleged criminal conduct is saved on the camera that is in the position of PAPD.

Joe did not pay taxes on the 105K he made from the hookah place. Joe sold alcohol under the table in the hookah place when Paul gave him the shop to run when he left the country for a month, and probably still does it in his new shop. Joe drinks and drives and brags about it. Joe treats women as he treats his shoes, he uses them then throws them away.

Police intimidations, Brady violations and witnesses who denied ever saying what the police wrote in the report, and a corpse 
 that stayed in the crime scene for 18 hours. A crime scene that was sealed from the defense and opened for the victim's family to rummage through.
Heather Marie Winters
Then you have Craig Robertson
A party girl who is allegedly a coke user dressed like an innocent girl to court.  She was mourning her older sister she claimed on the stand.
Police intimidations, Brady violations and witnesses who denied ever saying what the police wrote in the report, and a corpse 
 that stayed in the crime scene for 18 hours. A crime scene that was sealed from the defense and opened for the victim's family to rummage through.

Witnesses testified that PAPD tried to intimidate them into saying thing they did not believe were true by telling them they better tell the truth because the DA is going to come hard on you and other threats.

Many if not all witnesses denied that words written in the police reports (where interviews were not taped) were ever said by them. 

For example, the landlord denied that a neighbor with the name Marvin knocked on his door at 6:35 telling him of the fire. However, a fire that started 5 mins before the actual time of fire would have helped PAPD and Chuck frame Paul more easily.

PAPD impounded the truck of one of Jennifer's ex boyfriends and never gave a report of this to the defense.

PAPD's main detective Aaron Sunseri not only knew, but worked on the Walgreen's arson case in Palo Alto where the same dog handler with the same dog were brought to the seen and the dog Rosie alerted on items that the lab tests proved were not there, and still brought the same handler and the same dog and did not inform the defense of the previous case and of false positive results of Rosie in the past.

The most important piece of evidence that could have sent Paul walking with NOT GUILTY verdict was the surveillance tape from his shop. PAPD and ADA Gillingham showed the defense only the portion of the tape where Paul walked in to smoke his hookah seven minutes after he had walked in for the first time. The two employees who were at the shop when Paul walked in testified that he walked in a minute or two after he called from the parking lot. However, during trial PAPD officer showed the jury Paul walking in with the employees behind him, and then in the smoking lounge.

If Paul walked in at that time, when did the employees walk out? When the lounge was shown and the fire truck lights are seen through the window Paul was upstairs. He and the employees rushed outside to see what was happening. They stood outside for some 30 seconds then walked back in. Two things no one saw although they are on the tape 1) Paul walking in the first time, 2) the employees walk out with Paul right after the lights are seen through the glass. Because otherwise how did the employees go out in the first place for them to come back in?

During the trial, Paul asked that he shows the jury which camera and what time he was seen walking in, Judge Cena denied his request.

PAPD just settled a lawsuit by Mr. Ciampi who was arrested by PAPD for resisting arrest while in fact it was them who attacked him first but doctored 17 seconds of the dash cam video violating his civil rights.

Officer Jared Monroe stuck a sticker on the wrong side of the CD that holds evidence that Paul never threatened Jen. Who in this day and age does not know which side you are not supposed to stick a sticker on? How about the original tape, was that destroyed too? Is it destroyed because it corroborated the phone record evidence? Someone in PAPD did something wrong and no one stopped him, questioned him, or investigated him. They liked the outcome of his conduct and that what mattered to them. The integrity of the investigation is questionable and unacceptable, and the conduct is a violation of Paul's civil rights. Prosecutors were also able to utilize hearsay during the trial as a result of the newly enacted California Evidence Code Section 1390.

Officer Moore testified that two weeks after Jennifer's death she wrote a supplemental report to the original police report Jennifer filed claiming Paul had threatened her, and now we know he never did, saying that Jennifer said that Paul watched CSI and was planning to commit the perfect murder.  No one other than Jared Monroe and Moore ever heard Jennifer make such claim.  Why was this supplement written in the first place? Could it because Paul's clothing came back negative to gasoline, and the timeline wasn't precise for PAPD to stick the crime on Paul?

After the fire report came back from ATF saying that Paul's clothes came negative for Gasoline, detective Sunseri went out of his way to call the ATF expert to see why Rosie made the mistake, although he knew that Rosie had given a false positive alert in the past. When on the stand, Detective Sunseri lied and said he didn't know who wrote the report, but under cross examination he admitted to having called that chemist, and knew exactly who she was. On top of that, he did not write a report of that call and submit it to the defense. He also worked on another arson case with Rosie, and never submitted that report to the defense in violation of the Brady Law.


PAPD may claim they investigated the case and checked everyone, but the fact that they took only Paul's clothing, and had Rosie sniff his clothes and cars and place of business and no one else's prove they targeted him before even determining that Jennifer was murdered.

PAPD kept telling the defense private investigator that the scene was not open for her to go take pictures and investigate. However, all that time she was waiting, Sunseri had unsealed the crime scene and allowed Jennifer's mother to go in the house, rummage through Paul's belongings and STEAL everything that was left in the house. Why wasn't the defense allowed to enter the scene first, and what clues did the police leave behind that were taken by the mother or destroyed by those people who went in and out by the time the defense got there?

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