Paul has the kindest heart and the most forgiving nature anyone can find.  Paul is a loving person who is full of life and who has an extra-ordinary sense of humor.

Paul is a person who would do anything to keep a smile on your face.  Sometimes he would act goofy, and sometimes he would go out of his way to make things possible for those in need.

One of Paul's unique characteristics is how soft hearted he is.  Paul cannot handle hearing of someone suffering.  Paul cries like a baby if he hears of someone's death.  

That is why, it is impossible for Paul to have committed such a heinous crime.  He is innocent of the crime and the vicious accusations of Chuck Gillingham and the bitter women of the Domestic Violence Next Door Solution who knew nothing about him or about Jennifer.

Paul loved Jennifer with all his heart although she abused him, and accused him of things that were not true.  The forgiving nature of Paul is what defines him.  Every time Jennifer hurt Paul he forgave her.  The minute Paul heard of her death he was devastated.  Paul's only prayer when he was in solitary confinement was that he would be reunited with her.

Paul was denied paying his final respect to his princess by an overzealous assistant district attorney, and the lazy and incompetent department of police in Palo Alto.

PAPD and Chuck Gillingham did not investigate a murder case, but rather worked hard to make the crime fit Paul's schedule and build a case against him.

Bulos Hunnai!

Here are two of our pics and we have forever to take many more.  I am so excited to spend my life with you.  We have had some AMAZING times and it is getting better by the second!

I love you more than anything in this entire world!!!
We are so lucky to have had a second chance  and I am truly thankful for our first six months, as 
our time apart made us realize what we had .......  Something so wonderful and amazing!!!  We are
 perfect for each other.

You can count on me to be on your side, I'm giving it 200% to make this relationship last a lifetime.

Love you

This is why Paul broke into tears on the stand.  His lawyer showed him this letter that Jennifer made for him.

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